Welcome to the Shea History Site

What you will find here:

This site will be documenting the Shea family history research, I have conducted. As anyone who has taken on the task of documenting their own family history research can tell you, the job is never complete. Family history research will continue to grow as time goes on. One bit of information will lead to another and so on. Pieces of information found in one research setting will only make sense after other research sessions reveal more. I will not be just naming names and who begot whom, but also, giving you some of the flavor as to my ancestors' surroundings and the major events in their life. I will include both family history and family legend and the research techniques that I used to verify and debunk the well know family history. The facts will be labeled by their sources, the suspicions and out right legends will also be clearly identified. I will tell you the resources which brought the most light on my family history research and which ones did not.

Family History Research

Family history research should be fun an exciting, so we will be having some fun along the way. I encouraged anyone to contact me with any questions, suggestions or submissions on how you have conducted your family history research. Any submissions will be credited to the contributor, unless they wish to remain anonymous. This site will also provide some of the sources I use in my family history research. As I build up this site I will contribute not only to the Shea family history, but also to family history research in general. Learning from each other's mistakes and successes, everyone can advance their own family history research. So enjoy the trip into the past and bear with me as I continually conduct my family history research and add to this site.